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April 24, 2014 submitting ... Clive Bundy was "bushwacked" by a Ny Times reporter because they established him up in an job interview and took his responses outside of context calling him a racist ... what he was saying And that i Plainly understand him in his speech (which they edited certainly) was that blacks in this nation are compelled into a even worse than slavery situation by the federal govt by insufficient option as well as the welfare procedure ... straightforward ... but not a soul while in the Ny jewish controlled banking Group as well as their The big apple times pawn reporter are interested in the truth ... they are only keen on twisting the reality equally as they do with my science ... and every thing else they touch Within this nation ... remember the small undeniable fact that it was the jewish owned and operated west indies firm that introduced the slaves from africa (trapping them and transporting them like animals) just a little piece of background they forgot to say inside your quality college record textbooks as well as the theft of each of the gold through the "americas" that remains the basis with the world vast rothschild banking empire that runs our quite very own Non-public bank federal reserve (Certainly it's almost nothing to accomplish with federal something) .

4 COMETS Plus a FREAK ERUPTION Of the ASTEROID (ON STEROIDS) ... it can be time to get up early All people ... what i are already talking about for any 12 months NOW Could be the TIME !!! while in the early morning sky We have now FOUR comets with TWO (comet ISON and comet 2P/Encke) about to encounter the very little planet Mercury ... at the same time from driving ... these are definitely comets seen with compact binoculars BUT what try to be thinking about also is the World Mercury ... will it go comet ??? oddly adequate a small asteroid just went comet ... the pictures are underneath with the Hubble House telescope .

P.S. many content articles are being circulated stating the h2o about the comet P67 differs than earth water (the D/H Deuterium/Hydrogen h2o radio) ... it's been known for a long time that earth h2o differs from outer Room D/H ratio ... I've some feelers out to ascertain just what AND The place the measurements were manufactured ... it had been employing one of the spectrometers on the Rosetta Area craft and Evidently it wasn't about the nucleus but during the coma on the comet .

my May fourteen, 2015 weekly radio demonstrate has become posted about the archive sub-page ... this week i include commentary on prior 7 days shops concerning substitute Power as well as the rush to put in solar power ... the key science subject offers using a hypothetical circumstance of the creating significant comet winding from the photo voltaic process that hypothetically interacted with planet earth in the time in the dinosaurs and triggering some devastating activities creating the demise with the dinosaurs and at some point turns into IO the inner most moon of jupiter ... jim mccanney

December 21, 2012 submitting ... my radio display archive is currently posted around the archive sub-website page ... THIS 7 days'S RADIO Display IS A necessity Hear !!! all the indicators are set up ... the disinfo crew along side the laundry list of nut instances declaring that friday december 21 2012 will be the conclude with the world ... given that they are pulling out all the stops like including in crazy Girl nancy leider currently towards the fray ... keep in mind she was to invoke a series of mass suicides in japan california wisconsin and france in the may perhaps 15 2003 stop of the world Earth X disinformation plan ... offered the current rash of naturally staged shootings in community locations They may be pulling out all the stops to setup legislation to manage the public ... they may have put a LOT of exertion and expense and publicity into The present 2012 conclusion from the world circumstance .

this just in ... citizens of Boulder Colorado have educated me that they're incredibly proud of the overall performance of my Common Chem/Rad/Oil Pre-filter when applied together with my name model gravity feed emergency drinking water filters (such as the stainless-steel and plastic designs) ... all of that i listened to from referred to the severely polluted drinking water once the devastating storm and rain ... imagine this contact form residing in a relatively dry place and at some point waking as much as needing your own personal unexpected emergency h2o filtration method .

March 23, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio show archive is currently posted ... in case you missed the Dwell airing you should definitely pay attention to the archive sub-site ... sign up for me as i discuss some Weird behavior around the Solar this previous 7 days and also some Bizarre behavior at NASA .

Opening See ... the world is damaged and cannot be preset easily ... we have been all battling for our individual will cause and in my scenario trying to teach the public on dozens of difficulties ... but one can summarize most of the major complications (including the not enough focus to normal catastrophe troubles facing our world and its population) ... issue directly in the Global bankers and You'll have Discovered 99.9999% OF Most of the WORLD'S WOES ... not merely today but heading back again far into history ... what can you do ??? go on with your attempts to be familiar with who runs your governments ... forget about revolutions ... they don't do the job Considering that the bankers simply just set up the following regime ... You should destroy the source root of the trouble ... and you will need to fight the greed that feeds the multitudes of minions that cater to the world bankers for you can try here their unique gain and attain ... at a similar time You need to turn into independent ... turn into your own private nation ... what i call "To start with Country" ... just both you and your quick loved kinds ... the initial step in becoming definitely unbiased is to be what i call "water independent" .

June 08, 2013 ... my weekly radio clearly show archive is currently posted over the archive sub-webpage ... be part of me as i discuss weather and The existing condition of your Sunlight ... the first with the season tropical storm and also a new legislation on education (what i call the nationalized stupidity legislation) is about to go into position ... see how general public training is fulfilling Kurt Vonnegut's Monkey House humor 1968 short Tale to produce all equivalent into the the very least widespread denominator in Culture .

Observe that All these Management components element layers of information movement.  Tier 1 layer information and facts goes up from managed employees to the highest on the chain of command (you never ever see this layer).   The easy rule is �if you see their names or faces, they're not at the highest or in Tier one� � they are pawns ordinarily Moi controlled or by private obtain.   Tier two will be the layer meant for �obvious� best leaders in SCEPTER which leads to Tier three the knowledge propagated to the final populous (the seen leaders are controlled by �handlers� and also have no look at on the Tier one layer over them).  This is when enormous disinformation engines run continuously.

April 13, 2013 ... brief submitting ... the disinfo crew is whole bore over the internet posting Untrue information and facts by way of its nut situation stores pertaining to comet C/2012/S1 (ISON) ... It's not at all coming within the south but is quite close to the ecliptic in actual fact ... there isn't any observational data that i have noticed suggesting it would have a significant Earth X companion although it remains unconfirmed regarding doable smaller companions .

April sixteen, 2015 putting up ... to the origin of Diamonds, Snow Flakes and Hail Stones ... in my guide "The Diamond Principle" (which is de facto not about diamonds per se but regarding how diamond structure illustrates common rules) i explore the cosmic origins of diamonds depending on 3 recognised components ... one) that micro-diamonds have rained down in the sky and oddly more than enough at particular times for instance mass extinction events (carcasses of wooly mammoths major sides are impacted with A large number of micro-diamonds as they died in the course of the very last mass extinction at the beginning on the Holocene Period of time)   AND 2) diamonds are shaped in the laboratory within a vacuum chamber simulating the environment of outer Place with vaporized carbon and an electron beam and three) belts of diamonds have been detected circling distant stars .

Recognize ... I've experienced numerous reports and now confirmed that Verizon is obstructing access to my web page ... persons call tech help and they may have no clue concerning why ... Plainly this is happening at an increased level ... who has investments in verizon which have been blocking my information ... i guess the reality hurts ?!?!?! my weekly business free radio demonstrate and this webpage are producing substantial enemies mainly because i am not purchased and paid out for like all the massive honcho radio shows whose concept is controlled down to the bumper music ... i not simply expose What's going on and also change it with actual information and facts and true science ... but whilst on the topic of mobile phone providers ... all you would like for All of your communications requirements is a straightforward $20.

Oct 05, 2012 submitting ... my weekly radio demonstrate archive is currently posted within the archive sub-web page ... THIS Present IS A MUST LISTEN !!! MORE THAN A necessity LISTEN !!! i discuss the orbit from the freshly discovered comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) ... sufficient reported ... go pay attention and study ... and Again there is no other put on the planet or With this conclude from the galaxy in which websites you will get this vital in development ... if you fully grasp everything likely will come about with this large comet (Primarily to your planet Mars) .

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